Mononoke Hime fin

Seeing that a big part of my shtick is making history and mythology approachable for everybody, I’m always drawn to anything that jumps out as being “relatable”, whether it is history, arts, mathematics, you name it. If it’s “lifelike”, I’ll love it.

I know this from firsthand experience that being passionate about something is great. Fantastic even.  But, relating that passion to the public is a whole other story, which not many people can do. I can be passionate about the history of Cartage, but I’m not necessarily able to relay that to people without them dozing off at some point. It’s not that easy. Some might argue that artists (singers, actors, painters etc) would have an easier time than we do in relating to the masses, because, well… everybody loves music/movies/paintings, right? But I really don’t think so. If it is, then we’ll have heaps more of the truly “great” artists in the world than we have now.

Other may argue on the side of the “it” factor, or the “x” factor. You either have it or you don’t. I think that you can be talented. Definitely. You can have potential – and, really, that’s what “talent” is: potential. Even talent can die if you don’t hone it.  A dancer friend smirked when someone asked him how he’d manage to learn a difficult choreography in half an hour and said “decades of practice.” He knows that to master something takes time. To master something and make it look so natural that people think it’s easy takes a whole life time and It’s that very “ease” that people are attracted to. It’s that “ease” that I always find approachable.

Anyway, this particular artist fits that description of mastering his art and make it natural. He is considered an “emerging” digital artist who’s just finding his stride, and his work is all over the net these days. Going by ROOSDY, what he likes to do is to take anything from video games characters to historical personalities and make them look more “lifelike”. He did a lifelike painting of a young emperor Augustus one time which is not an easy feat when all you have to go by is one physical description from Suetonius and a bunch of marble statues. But he was game to try. Honestly, I was surprised he was that familiar with Augustus. It turns out that he’s very well-read and has a wide variety of interests, so I guess that’s why his works speaks to me a bit more than others. You do get the feeling that he “understands”, at least enough to make good art. That takes a lot of awareness, experience and skill. Although Roosdy is said to be “emerging”, the truth is, the man has been holding a pencil since he was two years old (decades of practice, folks!)

That painting you see above this rambling is “Mononoke Hime” (click on the name and it’ll take you through to google images of the original character)

You’ll be able to check out samples of his works on:






Personality-wise, Roosdy happens to be a pretty good teacher who insists on making arts “with” you, instead of “for” you. His patreon page would be the go-to place to get not only weekly sketches and paintings, but also videos and truckloads of tips. Check him out and do consider supporting him!




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