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“Although having these conversations can be difficult, not having them keeps us ignorant and ignorance breeds anger and hatred. So, I suppose, although I am afraid of offending some people with this book, I am much more afraid of what will happen if this issue is not being addressed.”

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“I feel like I get to see humanity at our best and love us for it. I get to admire our bravery, compassionate wisdom and our cake-making skill – Humanity has been making cheesecakes for centuries. Small cheesecakes were served to ancient Greek athlete during the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. Therefore, eat cheese-cake respect the ancient arts”

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“What the readers will get from “Time Maps” is what happens when a mathematician and a mythographer/historian start questioning the history we believe in and sometimes take for granted”

INTERVIEW_REDWRITECLUBMartini Fisher (Read Write Club)

“My current hobby is reading books that are very different from the things I’d write, such as shifter romance novels which I didn’t even know existed until a couple of months back, but they’re brilliant!”

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“People respond to faces and they don’t get to see my face in my books, of course”

Interview INTERVIEW_BOOKGOODIESwith Author – Martini Fisher (Interviews with Writers)

“For ‘Wayang: Stories of the Shadow Puppets’ and ‘Time Maps’ I have hundreds of notes that I have accumulated, as well as translations etc.”

How to Survive a Party (Shut up and Speak)

“It’s okay to be the quiet one.”

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“I believe that if you like reading, you have a writer in you. Because all those things you’ve read need to be let out somehow.”