Weird Tales Radio Show, Episode 64: Witchcraft, Feminism & the Curse of Thomas Midgley

In Episode 64 of the Weird Tales Radio Show we interview mythographer Martini Fisher to ask whether witchcraft is a feminist issue and take an international perspective on the stereotyping and persecution of witches.. We also celebrate Thomas Midgley Day. Who? The man who singled-handedly did more to ruin the Earth’s environment than Hitler, the Black Death or anything else!


Martini Fisher is the Spotlight for Our Latest Author Interview

“What the readers will get from “Time Maps” is what happens when a mathematician and a mythographer/historian start questioning the history we believe in and sometimes take for granted”


Interview with Author – Martini Fisher (Interviews with Writers)

“For ‘Wayang: Stories of the Shadow Puppets’ and ‘Time Maps’ I have hundreds of notes that I have accumulated, as well as translations etc.”

Featured Author (Book Reader Magazine)

“I believe that if you like reading, you have a writer in you. Because all those things you’ve read need to be let out somehow.”